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Over 46,000 educators trained!


During the 2016-2017 school year, the Ron Clark Academy established a new record by welcoming approximately 12,000 educators from all over the world to take part in its professional development opportunity, The RCA Experience.

Through our training program, RCA master educators, all former public school teachers, demonstrate how to build a positive climate and culture built upon a clear code of conduct, mutual respect, and a passion for learning. With such an immersive model, educators retain effective methods created to cultivate maximum student engagement and bolster higher expectations for achievement.

Over a course of more than 29 training days, educators interacted with our children, observed classrooms, received best practices from our master educators, and replicated our methods in their schools and classrooms across the country.

To date, RCA has trained educators from all 50 states and 26 countries such as Canada, Indonesia, Honduras, and the Bahamas! Building upon its motto as “a private school with a public mission”, 90% of educators who have participated in RCA’s training program hail from public school systems.

While dedicated to inspiring educators from regions all over to visit Atlanta, our school has also remained intentional about improving education in our home state of Georgia as 77% of visitors have come from the southeast and 39% from the state of Georgia.

After experiencing RCA’s professional development, trained educators remain connected via our Ron Clark Academy app, a virtual educator community and resource portal where nearly 8,000 educators have downloaded the tool. RCA master educators and other users regularly update the app with lesson ideas and best practices while engaging in fruitful, consistent dialogue. The RCA app is also utilized as a source for feedback and success stories from educators who have attended our trainings. What a way to remain a part of the education revolution!

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