October 6-7, 2023

Are you ready to help the students and staff of your House System become better leaders?  Want to learn how to train your leadership to create incredible experiences for your school’s House System community?  With the House System Leadership Academy, your students and staff can have the opportunity to learn the tools and best practices for leading in any House System environment.  This conference will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students from 4th – 8th grade, along with teachers, advisors and parents from their schools. Attendees will learn through interactive workshops about leadership, leadership theory, best practices, conflict resolution, leadership simulations, and more.  These activities will allow attendees to practice their leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment while also learning to inspire other students effectively.  

In addition to the hands-on activities, the conference will feature keynotes from experts who will share their insights and experiences on organizational management. Get ready to take advantage of this exciting, informative, and motivational conference to learn how to make your House System the best it can be by empowering your leaders with the ability to take charge!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current system or start a new one, this is the perfect opportunity to take your leadership abilities to the next level and create an extraordinary experience for your school.


The agenda for the RCA House System Leadership Academy includes classroom observations, interactive workshops, and leadership simulations, and more. Additionally, attendees can expect to receive motivation, inspiration, and support to help them feel energized and equipped to tackle the challenges of a House System when they return home. There will also be hands-on activities, networking opportunities, and more.


  •  6:00 PM – Registration

    o   Opening Ceremony

    o   Meet and Greet Mixer, House Games & Challenges, Bonding & the Big Kickoff Celebration!

    o   9:00 Dismissal



o   8:00 AM – Kickoff

o   Preplanning and Goal Setting

o   Classroom Observations

o   Concurrent Interactive Workshops on the following topics:

o   Leadership Theory

o   Leadership Fundamentals

o   Creating a Vision

o   Strengths and Weaknesses of Leadership Styles

o   Conflict Resolution 101

o   Leadership and Vulnerability

o   Power vs Influence

o   Leadership Communication

o   Becoming a Transformational Leader

o   Guiding with Confidence

o   Management Activities and Games

o   Creating a Sense of Urgency

o   Unlocking your House Potential

o   Connecting the Dots (House System + Leadership)

o   3:30 PM Dismissal

o   7:00 PM – 9:30 PM Return for the PARTY! Wear your House color with pride! This will be an epic celebration that will culminate with everyone getting “slide certified!” This party will not be one to miss!

House System Leadership Academy

October 6-7, 2023
$ 575 Per Adult ($375 Per Student)