Admissions FAQ


Who is eligible to apply for admission to RCA?
Eligible students must be current Georgia residents and in the third grade during the application window.

What is the application deadline?
Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Does RCA consider students with different types of learning needs?
Yes. RCA selects students with varying academic abilities, from those who are gifted to students who have not yet reached their academic potential. If a child has identified disabilities under a current IEP, he/she may or may not be considered for admission, based on the school’s available resources to meet that child’s specific needs.

What type of student is RCA looking for?
The admissions committee selects students who they feel would benefit the most from the style of educational program we offer. We strive to have learners from various academic levels and backgrounds.

How many students will be accepted?
We want to manage expectations for all applicants; we typically have several hundred applicants and only 32 openings each year. However, we are grateful for your interest and we would be delighted to interview your child to see if he/she is a good fit for our school.

Will there be a waiting list?
Once admission decisions are made, we do not have a waiting list.

What if my child isn’t entering the 4th grade?
Unfortunately, we are only able to select students who are entering the 4th grade. Our goal is to make a tremendous impact on our students; therefore, we have designed a five-year program of study. Students are not admitted in grades five through eight.

Does the Academy give special consideration to the sibling(s) of current RCA students when they apply?
While we are truly a family-focused environment, our enrollment numbers are typically limited to a maximum of 32 students per grade level. With that being the case, it is quite plausible that we could have an entire grade filled with siblings of current students. In order to truly honor our mission to serve a broad Atlanta community from various cross-sections, we simply cannot give special consideration to siblings. Thus, they go through the exact same admissions process as everyone else, and we measure each applicant based upon his/her own individual merits.

Can I retain my child in the 4th grade so that he/she may apply to RCA
No, we do not allow a child to be retained simply to meet admission requirements.

How much is tuition?
Click on our Monthly Tuition Scale to see a guideline of what applicants can expect to pay. Tuition includes uniforms, lunches, and most supplies. It does not include after school fees. There is also a requirement for 40 community service hours at the school that parents must commit to completing each year.

If I am able to pay my child’s full tuition, does he/she automatically get a slot?
No. Students who can pay full tuition ($18,000 a year) will be considered, but they are not guaranteed admission. These students follow the exact same process as any other applicant.

What is the school calendar? What are the hours of operation?
The school year begins the first week of September. Major holidays closely follow the calendar for Atlanta City and/or Fulton County Schools. The school day runs from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM daily; for an additional fee an after school program is available until 5:45 PM each day.

Do you have a bus program?
No. Parents must provide transportation to and from the school each day for their child. We are not a boarding school, so we do not provide housing for any students.

Will my child really travel around the world?
Perhaps. RCA places an emphasis on global travel, and we travel when funding is made available. International travel is not guaranteed, but it is highly emphasized as a part of our curriculum. Parents must permit their children to travel with our staff; parents do not accompany us on these trips. Parents are sometimes asked to contribute to the travel fees. If a parent is uncomfortable with this, then RCA probably is not the right school for his/her child.