Frequently asked questions

Your registration fee includes admission to all sessions, digital conference materials, lunch, drinks, and snacks.

Mr. Clark is at every training, and you will be able to watch him teach. However, we cannot predict illness or other emergencies that may cause Ron to be absent during your visit.

Yes, student teachers will greatly benefit from the RCA Experience.

Yes, books, posters and other materials will be available for purchase. All proceeds help fund student scholarships.

Yes, Mr. Clark and Mrs. Bearden will sign books and materials at the end of training.

Attire is casual. Groups are encouraged to wear your school colors or school shirts.

We encourage everyone to experience the slide, but it isn’t necessary. For those adventurous enough for the slide, we encourage you to wear pants.

While families are extremely important to us at RCA, we are unable to accommodate children during training days or conferences. Please make alternate arrangements for any childcare needs.
For any other questions, please email



Bring your energy and enthusiasm!

Make an effort to get to know the other attendees. We can all learn from each other.

Dress casually. Groups can wear the school colors or school shirts.

Please be on time and considerate of the jam-packed schedule. Doors open at 8:15AM.

Wear pants if you are adventurous enough to slide!

Please honor the Essential 55 Rule #22, "no gum chewing."

Keep in mind you will be moving from room to room, travel lightly.

Please silence your cell phones and do not accept phone calls during class or workshops.

Please turn off your video cameras. Still photography is allowed ONLY in workshops and during transitions. Please do not take photos during classroom observations.

Honor the privacy of our students. Please do not ask them for their email or contact information. (Thank you notes can be sent to or mailed to The Ron Clark Academy, Attn: Educator Training, 228 Margaret Street SE Atlanta, GA 30315.)


Yes, it is a requirement that staff, students, and visitors are tested before entering RCA.

If you test positive, then unfortunately you will not be able to enter. However, we will look forward to rescheduling you for a future date.

If you have been in quarantine for several days but still test positive, you will not be able to enter either. However, we will reschedule your visit! There are variants of COVID-19, and we cannot risk the safety of our school and guests by assuming someone who tests positive (but has been quarantining) may not have contacted a different strain of the virus.