RCA goes for the goal on first day of school

On Wednesday, September 5th, the Ron Clark Academy took to the turf and kicked off our twelfth year in revolutionizing education. From the moment students arrived, they were welcomed to the triumphant sounds of Southwest DeKalb High School’s marching band and greeted by our enthusiastic staff members who grabbed students out of cars and whisked them away to dance with their peers. Inspired by the theme “RCA United,” students and staff were outfitted in customized soccer jerseys according to their respective houses.

Upon entering the school’s gymnasium, students entered a space that had been transformed into a soccer field with turf, goal posts, soccer balls, and house-themed sports flags. After playing a myriad of games and dancing to the latest hits, the students were surprised by our staff members who performed a 16-minute long production consisting of popular dances, remixed raps, and endless energy. After the morning party came to an end, the new fifth-graders from the Class of 2022 participated in the yearly tradition of spinning the house sorting wheel and landing into their respective houses.

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