Troy Kemp

Director of Transitions, Admissions, and Alumni Relations

Originally, from Riverhead, New York, Troy received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Colgate University, where he also played football. Mr. Kemp comes to RCA after spending the past 27 years at McCallie School and 2 years at the Wilmington Friends School. Troy’s 29-year career in education includes serving as an award winning math teacher, championship football and lacrosse coach, computer coordinator, dorm parent, Dean of Admission, and Associate Headmaster for Enrollment and Marketing.

In 2016, Troy became the Executive Director of the National Center for the Development of Boys, a nonprofit organization founded by McCallie to equip parents, educators, coaches and mentors with research and strategies for helping boys thrive. Troy’s work at the Center included speaking to over 22,000 people at 125 events in 41 cities, 11 states, and 3 countries. Mr. Kemp plans to share his message with the RCA community and educators who participate in professional development days.

Mr. Kemp is passionate about helping young people reach their fullest potential. He is grateful for the family members and educators who helped him overcome the challenges he faced growing up in a single parent, migrant worker’s household. Troy believes the key to success is learning how to turn obstacles into opportunities. He encourages students to, “Always dream big, but be sure to wake up and put in the work!”