The Ron Clark Academy is a nonprofit organization, and 100% of our registration proceeds support our students’ scholarships and programs.

You have asked for even more professional development opportunities, and so we are excited to announce the 2019-2020 RCA Signature Series! These exclusive, one-day events will provide in-depth, tailored professional development workshops about different areas of focus. Participants will engage with our staff and students in an intimate setting where we will share all of Ron Clark Academy’s best practices with you and will provide you with takeaways to implement in your own school and classroom.

RCA House Con

The RCA House Con is an intimate and power-packed experience where faculty members from schools that use RCA’s official houses of Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi and Reveur will come together for an incredible two-day experience where they will learn how to enhance their school’s house system!

House Academy

Are you interested in starting the house system at your school?  Does your house system need a pick me up? This conference is for educators at all schools that use or are starting house systems, regardless of whether they are the RCA houses or not. Learn the ABCs of the house system, best practices, and creative strategies to get your house in order.  Get ready to take your house system to amazing new heights! This conference is going to be electric, informative and powerful! Come ready to feel the FIRE!