The RCA House System

The Ron Clark Academy House System is a dynamic, exciting, and proven way to create a positive climate and culture for students and staff. Using RCA’s methods will help your school or district confidently implement processes that build character, relationships, and school spirit. Our guidelines are designed to give you a streamlined framework that can be applied to any type of learning environment.

Altruismo traces its origins to the rainforests of the Amazon, where a group of powerful Brazilians were given the name because of the Portuguese meaning behind it: “the Givers.”
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"Amistad is the House that originates from Mexico. A group of kind but powerful individuals that are known most for their unconquered spirit. This is why, in the language of their ancestry, their name means "friendship."
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Isibindi is a tight-knit group of individuals, like a pride of African lions, where family means everything. The House’s symbolic animals, the mute swan and the lion, serve to empower incoming members. While new students might be quiet or shy at first, the longer that they are in the House, the more they begin to display the characteristics of strength and bravery. In Zulu, Isibindi means “courage.”
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Rêveur is a royal House whose name in French means “dreamers” or “idealists” — because the members who fill this group are students filled with freedom and wild abandon who recognize their dreams and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving them. This can be seen in the unicorn, which is on the center of the House’s crest, a powerful creature who is almost impossible to tame.
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Sollevare is the House that originates from Italy. It was formed by a group who understood that the true strength of being undefeated warriors lies in always getting back up, no matter how many times they may be knocked down. The members of the House of Sollevare are known for their uplifting nature — always rising above, and helping others do the same. This is where their name comes from in Latin, meaning to “lift” up.
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Nukumori is the House that originates from Japan. A group of individuals that understand that kindness is the true strength that will build their character, the members of the House of Nukumori are known for the friendship that they extend to everyone around them. They treat others with respect, and in doing so they earn the respect of all others.
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Onraka traces its origins to the land beyond the Himalayan mountains, where a group of powerful Indians were given the name because of the Tamil meaning behind it: the House of Unity.
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Protos is an ancient House of wisdom whose name reflects the Greek root word meaning “first” — the House whose destiny is defined by striving for excellence.
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the house points app

Award house points

Award points to students on the spot.

Engage students & Parents

Send notifications to parents automatically when students earn house points – via in-app notifications

Build School-Wide Community

Track 4 to 8 houses and show points in real-time

See Student Achievement

Create reports by House, grade, student, staff, or category