Diane Kemp

Math and Reading Specialist

Diane Kemp hails from the Philadelphia area and comes to Atlanta via Chattanooga, TN. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee and a Masters of Education from Tennessee Technological University. Since 1998, Mrs. Kemp has worked extensively in public and private elementary and middle schools as a reading specialist, learning specialist and most recently as an advanced math teacher at the Bright School in Chattanooga, TN.

Understanding that mathematical minds need to be nurtured, fed and engaged, Mrs. Kemp strives to build a passion for math in her students by providing opportunities for them to experience math in the real-world and engage them with innovative problem solving. Pushing her students to leverage their math talents towards future careers, they’ve worked with architects, robotic design teams in the auto industry, project managers at Amazon, and financial advisors from Wall Street on class projects. Her students have won multiple individual and team awards in various math competitions and have been recognized nationally. Mrs. Kemp and her husband, Troy, have three children and live in East Atlanta.