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Gracelynn W.

8th Grade | Indian Trail | Olathe, Kansas 

Gracelynn is passionate about the House of Rêveur because she believes they are one great team together. As a leader, her enthusiasm is contagious. She especially likes to create new chants and teach them to her house.

Celine M.

8th Grade | St Michael-St Gabriel Archangel | Indianapolis, Indiana

She loves the House of Isibindi because it is an accepting house – loving her when she is quiet and when she is loud. She has so much pride for her house and it shows as she was the cheer chant leader and Student House Leader. She continues to inspire those in the House of Isibindi to step up even if they are a little scared.

Jeremiah B.

8th Grade | The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, GA

Jeremiah is so proud of the House of Isibindi! Personally, he enjoys creating magical experiences for his housemates and also the educators who watch the house cheers. He goes above and beyond to share his talents and authentic spirit, which really unifies the house to feel more like a family.

Isaiah R.

7th Grade | The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, Georgia

Isaiah loves the House of Altruismo! He contributes to the long legacy of academic excellence in the house as well as being a genuine giver with a heart full of compassion!

Mason D.

7th Grade | E3 Academy | E3 Academy

Mason is a humble leader for the House of Altruismo. He is dependable and a great listener which helps bring everyone in the house together. He is proud of Altruismo when they consistently participate and cheer for all the houses and when the team wins but they do not gloat.

Natalya C

6th Grade | The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, Georgia

Natalya loves the House of Amistad because they are always there for her, encouraging her to contribute, and giving her the confidence to step up and be a leader among her peers. She wants to continue to give back to the Amistad family globally.

Caroline V.

6th Grade | Dorsey Attendance Center | Fulton, Mississippi

Caroline embodies the spirit of the House of Amistad – a leader, protector, and friend. She enjoys helping people make new friends and encourages everyone to feel great about themselves. Together, the house helps people to see their inner peacock, which means they help grow people in their talents. Caroline believes the world today can use more love, friendship, and kindness.


5th Grade | The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, Georgia

Jason encourages all of his classmates because he knows the House of Amistad values the importance of family, friendship, and having a good attitude!

Tatum T.

5th Grade | The Ron Clark Academy | Atlanta, Georgia

Tatum loves the House of Amistad because they are committed to coming together as a family – in school or out. Being in the House of Amistad has taught her how to reach for the stars while being loving and a true friend.