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Amazing shake faqs

Frequently asked questions

The entire weekend’s events will take place at the Ron Clark Academy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 

Yes, there will be practice rounds (and practice scores) before the official competition begins. Chaperones are encouraged to watch these rounds and cheer them on. Practice scores will not be counted. 

Eliminated students can attend workshops. They will even have a chance to earn a wild card to work their way back into the competition.

One adult chaperone must remain on campus per every 5 students in your group.

Yes, the final round will be open to registrants to watch. It will be intense!

You may register the students as Student One, Student Two, Student Three, etc. The students’ names must be added along with the required registration information by March 2nd.

Student photos will be used on scorecards, marketing materials and on the electronic screens during the event.  

For any other questions, please email training@ronclarkacademy.com

Register your lead chaperone, add 5 students, add another chaperone, then add the additional 5 students. Next, add the remaining 3 adults.
No. You may add the first 5 students, then add another chaperone, then add your remaining students.

Please do not use a fake email address for registration. We send important communication that will be missed if you use a fake email address. 

Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event you should receive an email with additional information to help your students prepare. If you have not received communication, please complete the contact us form with your details. 

We are currently monitoring Covid-19 and will make an assessment closer to the event date ensuring the safety of the students, judges, chaperones, and all individuals in attendance.

Covid-19 protocol

Yes, it is a requirement that staff, students, and visitors are tested before entering RCA.

If you test positive, then unfortunately you will not be able to enter. However, we will look forward to rescheduling you for a future date.

If you have been in quarantine for several days but still test positive, you will not be able to enter either. However, we will reschedule your visit! There are variants of COVID-19, and we cannot risk the safety of our school and guests by assuming someone who tests positive (but has been quarantining) may not have contacted a different strain of the virus.